& performance

The England Junior and Senior programmes will regularly produce players that compete for places on the GB World Class Performance Programme. By 31 March 2015 we will have:

  • Implemented an athlete development strategy based on identified world class standards
  • Produced long term development plans for all programme players aligned to world class standards
  • Improved the transition process from junior to senior

We will provide a comprehensive support package for identified players that will enable them to maximise their development. This will include regular exposure to higher level international tournaments. We will:

  • Launch a GB Talent Programme that identifies, supports and fast-tracks players for the GB World Class Performance Programme
  • Increase training loads, improve technical models and increase provision of sports science support to identified players
  • Gradually introduce and integrate young players into the world class training environment at the National Badminton Centre

& participation

Expand our impact in this market to grow the number of regular participants. By October 2014 we will have:

  • Engaged 14,000 participants in BADMINTON England programmes
  • 60 student officers in universities

To achieve this we will ensure that badminton is available in a way that suits the participant’s needs and lifestyle. Specifically we will:

  • Ensure a comprehensive range of offers within universities from beginners to competitive play

  • Enable universities to enhance the student experience through badminton (playing, coaching, volunteering) raising its importance to the institution

& competition

Retain players within the sport and provide opportunities for the next generation of young talented players. By 31 March 2015 we will have:

  • Engaged with over 750 ranked, young adult players per year
  • Provided a prestigious platform of competition to assist with retention of this age group and support the development of aspiring young players
  • Supported the world class player programme

To achieve this we will:

  • Provide three levels of national competition circuit featuring over 60 competitions per year
  • Support our County Badminton Associations to deliver excellent events
  • Provide a national Inter-County Competition, engaging the best players in the country

& coaching

Engage and support more young coaches to inspire the next generation of young players. By 31 March 2015 we will have:

  • Identified , developed and nurtured young coaching talent within England
  • Recruited and retained more young coaches within the junior performance structure, aiming to have at least one young coach in each Performance Centre
  • Ensured badminton’s presence within the National Young Coaches Academy

To achieve this we will provide the resources and support required by young coaches to realise their potential. Specifically we will:

  • Develop online resources for young coaches
  • Develop mentoring CPD to support young coaches
  • Promote opportunities for young coaches within the Performance Centre network

What we are doing

We will grow the number of young adults playing regularly by improving the retention of players and support elite junior players to make the shift to international senior competition:

  • Enhance our impact in universities by empowering student officers to develop the sport
  • Expand our reach into further education
  • Deliver quality programmes such as No Strings Badminton, Essentials and Battle Badminton
  • Provide effective performance programmes to manage the transition from Junior to Senior
  • Offer a competition programme enabling the transition from U19 to senior player
  • Recruit young adults as coaches, organisers and deliverers of our sport

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