& performance

Ensure a truly World Class training environment that enables the consistent achievement of medals at World Championships and Olympic Games. By 31 March 2015 we will have:

  • Improved performance standards for all England Senior and GB players
  • Increased the active contribution of players to the development of the programme
  • Introduced key initiatives to improve the training environment and impact on performance

To achieve this we will further centralise the England Senior and GB programmes at the National Badminton Centre and develop a truly world class training environment in Milton Keynes. We will:

  • Make tailored individual support available in the context of group training
  • Enhance the integration of sports science support in long term and annual development plans
  • Bring high quality sparring to the NBC
  • Provide world class competition and vital home crowd support through our major events

What we are doing

Our vision is to consistently achieve medal success on the world stage by producing self reliant players with a winning mentality and the passion, capabilities and ambition to succeed. We will:

  • Deliver a centralised programme that focuses attention on all stages of the development pathway
  • Deliver a sustainable and continually improving performance environment
  • Maximise talent recruitment and confirmation
  • Develop self reliant players with a winning ambition who are committed to their own development and understand the value of people working together for a common goal
  • Develop a squad with the quality to compete at the highest international level and with greater strength in depth

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