Consistently produce Olympic Champions and get the nation playing badminton.


  • We live FOCUS by pursuing our goals with clarity, drive and determination.
  • We live AMBITION by striving to attain excellence with motivation and passion.
  • We live COURAGE by having the confidence to evolve by making the right decisions for the right reasons.
  • We live TEAMWORK by understanding and respecting each other’s roles and being a supportive unified team.

strategic aims

Stand on the Podium – consistently achieve medals at World and Olympic level

Grow the Game – increase regular badminton participation

Fit for Purpose – have sound corporate governance; adopt sound business principles and practices and be a financially secure organisation by aiming to increase our own self generated income and maintain an appropriate level of Reserves

how we operate

We work with a range of partners, funders and sponsors to achieve our aims. The County Badminton Associations are our constituent parts and deliver activity in their areas including county teams, competitions and tournaments and coach development. Where relevant, we will invest through the CBAs to develop the sport.

We receive significant financial support from Sport England to increase participation and improve talent pathways and from UK Sport to develop Olympic Champions. We are proud to work with these two bodies to develop badminton and sport in general. We also have a number of key sponsors that invest in the sport.

Outside of major events and the England squad which we deliver directly, we work through partners to deliver our aims. We work with a wide range of partners including leisure operators and trusts, local authorities, charities, educational establishments, national partners such as Sports Coach UK and the English Institute of Sport. We aim to work in a way that develops badminton whilst also enabling partners to deliver their objectives, ensuring a ‘win/win’ for both parties.


We invest in short and medium term activities to achieve our aims and these are described in this document. We also invest in the long-term future of our sport. Over the next period this will see:

  • The continuation of our efforts to relocate our headquarters to a new National Badminton Arena, creating a world class training environment and community badminton centre
  • Investment in Community Badminton Networks that develop the sport in a way that meets the needs of the people in the local area
  • The implementation of a strategy that enables the development of the next generation of volunteers who are the people that make badminton happen
  • Investment into facilities to increase the number of quality places for people to play badminton

about us

We are the National Governing Body for badminton in England. We are a not for profit company limited by guarantee, dedicated to promoting the sport of badminton.

BADMINTON England is led by a passionate and highly motivated team of professional staff and volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds and with vast experience from within and outside the world of badminton.

We also work with a huge network of volunteers that deliver the sport at national, county and local level and we are united by our passion to develop badminton in England, enabling more people to play the sport and giving those with talent the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

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