& performance

We will create a seamless performance pathway offering more and better training opportunities to talented players. By 31 March 2015 we will have:

  • Increased the quality and size of the talent pool
  • Increased the standards and strengthened the performance focus of the junior training environments delivered by BADMINTON England
  • Developed and implemented a curriculum for player development based on analysis of world class performance standards

To achieve this we will:

  • Deliver weekly training to at least 1,000 talented players in the performance centre network
  • Implement and maintain a minimum of ten hosts for England Performance Training, providing twice weekly training for at least 100 of our most promising young players
  • Provide specific support and guidance to the most talented young players in England, helping them to achieve their full potential

& participation

Attract participants to get in to badminton by offering great entry points for both competitive and informal players. We will focus on growing participation amongst 14-16 year olds. By October 2014 we will have:

  • Engaged 70,000 young participants in the 14-16 age-group
  • Embedded our informal Smash Up! programme in 1500 schools
  • Launched the expansion of junior leagues
  • Changed the perception of badminton amongst young people

We will create programmes that deliver what young people want, with strong brands, excellent marketing, great activities and regular communication.

  • Introduce Smash Up! a compelling offer for 13-16 year olds wanting to play sport informally
  • Communicate effectively with young people and project a strong image for the sport
  • Invest through County Badminton Associations to expand junior league opportunities that really appeal to young players

& competition

Competition is used to support long-term development of talent and participation growth. By 31 March 2015, we will have:

  • Attracted over 30,000 schoolchildren into a competitive environment
  • Engaged with over 2,500 regular junior players per year and grown this by 5% per year
  • Provided more “major event” environments for young people to be inspired

To achieve this we will provide a clear progressive competition pathway for players. This will include:

  • Providing three levels of national competition circuit featuring over 150 events per year
  • Supporting our County Badminton Associations to deliver excellent events
  • Improving our communication with players through our digital media platforms
  • Growing the Center Parcs National Schools Championships which is already one of the largest in Europe
  • Delivering a high quality National Championships from U11 to U17 with a ‘major event’ feel

& coaching

We will encourage young people into badminton though the Junior Helper, Leaders and Young Officials awards. By 31 March 2015 we will have:

  • Revised the junior helper award to make it ‘current’
  • Increased the numbers of young people completing the youth awards
  • Increased deployment of young officials at badminton events around the country

To achieve this we will provide the resources and support required by schools and colleges to engage in badminton activities. In particular we will:

  • Review current Leader and Junior Helper awards
  • Provide online resources and access to CPD for schools
  • Publicise volunteer opportunities through school and college links

What we are doing

We will grow the number of young people through an acquisition-focussed strategy, and will give talented players the best chance of success through an improved talent pathway.

  • Engage with a mass number of young people
  • Improve the opportunities to progress through the talent pathway
  • Redefine the image of badminton in secondary schools
  • Introduce quality branded programmes to attract young people into the sport
  • Support clubs wanting to attract young players through Community Badminton Networks
  • Expand the Center Parcs National Schools Championships, grow local junior leagues and offer an extensive, graded junior tournament programme
  • Ensure there are enough high quality coaches and deliverers to support this activity

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